The Bicentennial Experience


From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience brings to life Singapore’s momentous evolution from 1299, shaped by wider regional and global shifts. It comprises an immersive, cinematic ticketed experience within the Fort Canning Centre, and a free and easy exploration through interactive pavilions within the greenery of Fort Gate.

Time Traveller Night, Artist's Impression

Time Traveller

Experience 700 years in an hour at the Fort Canning Centre. Travel back in time through a powerful, multimedia sensory programme that puts you at the heart of Singapore’s history.


An interactive, thought-provoking series of pavilions situated at the Fort Gate. Here, you can explore Singapore’s evolution from past to present at your own pace.

Time Traveller

Enjoy a front-row view of Singapore’s 700-year history. Experience first-hand the sights, sounds and drama of formative events throughout our evolution.

Time Traveller Act 1 Winter, Artist's Impression

Act 1: Beginnings

Discover the dramatic story of early Singapore and our shifting fortunes as a maritime base, amidst the clash for dominance among regional powers.

Time Traveller Act 2, Artist's Impression

Act 2: Arrival

Embark on a ship journey that marks a turning point for Singapore with the arrival of the British and the waves of pioneers and migrants.

Time Traveller Act 3, Artist's Impression

Act 3: Connectivity

With the dawn of industrialisation, get a unique 360-degree view on how Singapore became an important gateway to the rest of the world.

Time Traveller Act 4, Artist's Impression

Act 4: Occupation

Step into a dark tunnel to sensorially experience the depths of conflict and confinement faced by our people during World War II.

Time Traveller Act 5, Artist's Impression

Act 5: Destiny

With a recap of scenes from previous Acts, journey through the story of how our nation emerged through the contribution of ordinary people.


In this free and easy experience within the greenery of Fort Gate, take a walk through interactive pavilions to reflect on Singapore’s journey from past to present.

Emporium of the East, Artist's Impression

Emporium of the East

This space simulates a pre-1819 emporium and features the trade and material culture of Singapore and the region.

House of Maps, Artist's Impression

House of Maps

This pavilion showcases key maps of Singapore's place in the world through time and its different names throughout history.

Reflections of Our Past, Artist's Impression

Reflections of Our Past

This contemplative corridor enables visitors to pause and reflect on the stories of the Singapore Bicentennial.

Seed Conservatory, Artist's Impression

Seed Conservatory

This showcases the flora of Singapore from the last 700 years including cash crops from the region.

Summit Lookout, Artist's Impression

Summit Lookout

This viewfinder, with its series of periscopes, features augmented impressions of historic events and landmarks around the Singapore River, as well as the comings and goings of the world in centuries past.

Lighthouse, Artist's Impression


Lighting up at regular intervals in the evening within the centre of the Pathfinder are the different colours representing the Singapore Bicentennial.

Pavilion of Words, Artist's Impression

Pavillion of Words

This open-air library houses iconic books and texts from Singapore's 700 year history, and enables visitors to pen and address their inspiring thoughts to our future generation.

The Observatory

This space, skinned with a mirror surface, provides an interactive data visualisation of Singapore’s history and its connection with the world for the last 700 years and more.

Visuals above by CraveFX, “Act 5: Destiny” visual by Anomalyst Studio Pte Ltd.

Event Map

Time Traveller


Food Village

Shuttle Bus Drop-off Point

Shuttlebus Pick-up

Time Traveller

This timed multimedia sensory experience is held within the Fort Canning Centre


This free and easy experience is held outdoors on the grounds of the historical Fort Gate

Food Village

Savour a unique gastronomic experience featuring mouth-watering local food.

http://Shuttle%20Bus%20Drop%20Off Shuttlebus Drop Off

Shuttle buses, available every 15 minutes, will drop off visitors at the roundabout outside The Battlebox from the following MRT stations:

  1. Fort Canning MRT (Downtown Line)
  2. City Hall MRT (North-South Line) at Raffles City taxi stand opposite CHIJMES
  3. Dhoby Ghaut MRT (North-East, North-South and Circle Lines) at Plaza Singapura A16 taxi stand

The shuttle bus service will commence on 1 June 2019.

All bus journeys from each MRT station to The Battlebox take approximately 15 minutes.

Please note that each bus seats 23 passengers and is not wheelchair accessible.

http://Shuttle%20Bus%20Pick%20Up Shuttle Bus Pick-up Point

Buses will ferry visitors from Fort Canning Carpark B to the respective MRT stations.

How To Get There

If you are making your way to Fort Canning Centre by car, taxi or private hire, you can drop off at the roundabout outside The Battlebox.

If you are walking from:

  1. Fort Canning MRT (Downtown Line) to Fort Canning Centre, it will take approximately 15 minutes.
  2. City Hall MRT (North-South Line) to Fort Canning Centre, it will take approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Dhoby Ghaut MRT (North-East, North-South, Circle Lines) to Fort Canning Centre, it will take  approximately 20 minutes.


The Bicentennial Experience consists of two parts:

  1. The first part takes place within the Fort Canning Centre. The experiential zones here, which span two floors, are wheelchair-friendly. There is a lift available for wheelchair-bound visitors to access both floors with ease.

    Please note that this an indoor multi-sensory timed experience with moving lights, colours and sounds. If you are someone or accompanying an adult or child who may be hypersensitive to light and noise, a special experience to better cater to your or companion’s needs can be arranged in advance.

    For visitors whose first language is not English, narrations in Malay, Tamil or Chinese will be provided throughout the experience.

    No flash photography is permitted.

  2. The second part is a free and easy outdoor experience within the greenery of Fort Gate. If you are coming with a child, please bring along insect repellent to avoid unwanted bites. In the event of rain, there are sheltered areas provided.

Should you require any assistance or have any feedback, kindly approach our volunteers and guides stationed at different points of the experience.

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