Launch of Singapore Bicentennial map
Map of Events for the Singapore Bicentennial

Discover four events that kick-start this unique commemoration of our history. Interact with a landscape of lights that reveal stories at i Light Singapore – Bicentennial Edition. Get fresh perspectives on our past at Light to Night Festival 2019: Traces and Echoes. Travel back to early Singapore using an augmented reality app, BalikSG. And uncover the legacy of a key historical figure at Raffles in Southeast Asia – Revisiting the Scholar and Statesman.

i Light Singapore – Bicentennial Edition

The 2019 special edition entitled i Light Singapore: Bridges of Time will extend beyond the Marina Bay waterfront to the Civic District and Singapore River. It features interactive light art installations from around the world.

i Light Singapore – Bicentennial Edition
Light To Night Festival 2019
Light to Night Festival 2019: Traces and Echoes

This festival reflects on Singapore’s journey and examines key moments in our 700-year history through memories and stories found in the Civic District – the site where Singapore's history, architecture and cultural heritage began.


Embark on an augmented reality experience journey along the Singapore River to revisit significant events in our history and meet the early settlers who called Singapore home.

Raffles in Southeast Asia
Raffles in Southeast Asia – Revisiting the Scholar and Statesman

This exhibition, co-curated with the British Museum and in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial, presents a multilayered picture of Raffles where his legacy is more complex than often understood.

Other Highlights

The Arrivals and Their Contributions

4 Jan - 31 Dec 2019
Uncover the stories behind the diverse cast of contributors who made their mark on Singapore from as early as 1299. See those we commemorate alongside Raffles throughout this bicentennial year and discover other men and women who have shaped our evolution.

None of This Came Easy

In commemoration of Singapore Bicentennial
A gift to Singapore as part of commemorating our bicentennial, local musician, song writer and producer Clement Chow presents "None of This Came Easy". The music video follows Zaihar as he learns how Singapore overcame turbulent years to get to where we are today.

Be sure to reserve your tickets early for this immersive experience that showcases key moments in Singapore's 700-year history.

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