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19th & 20th century Singapore: Panel discussion with Dr John Solomon, Dr Nurfadzilah Yahaya and Dr Ho Chi Tim
This panel discussion will begin with an overview on colonial Singapore during the 19th and 20th centuries, before delving into topics such convict labour, law, and the new cosmopolitanism of the colonial era.

This session took place on Thursday, 1 August 2019, at the Blackbox, Fort Canning Centre.

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18th century Singapore: Lecture by Dr Imran bin Tajudeen
How was 18th century Singapore shaped by major developments in the region? Watch this video lecture by Dr Imran bin Tajudeen, who uncovers the economic and political events in the Johor-Riau-Lingga Sultanate and how they set a precedent for Singapore's development just a few decades later. He also touches on the vicissitudes in Malay and Bugis management of international trade and competing European demands as well as how it set the stage for the Malay reception of British interest in Singapore.

This lecture took place on Thursday, 25 July 2019, at the Blackbox, Fort Canning Centre.


17th century Singapore: Lecture by Dr Michael Flecker
What can shipwrecks, ancient charts and sea excavations reveal about 17th century Singapore as a busy port? In this lecture, Dr Michael Flecker takes a look at this period from a maritime perspective to illustrate the dynamic state of politics, trade and conflict.

Evidence suggests that from the late 1600s, Singapore was a fundamental element of the Johor riverine economy which was first established several decades after the Portuguese conquered Melaka in 1511. Contemporaneous European charts of Singapore depict a Shabandaria, the official residence of the eminent Shabandar, or harbour-master. Archaeological treasures excavated from our nearby seas, together with artefacts dredged from Singapore’s own Kallang Basin, also tell new stories to complement those of our learned historians.

This lecture took place on Thursday, 18 July 2019, at the Blackbox, Fort Canning Centre.


16th century Singapore: Lecture by Associate Professor Peter Borschberg
Why was 16th century Singapore caught in a turbulent world? In this lecture, Associate Professor Peter Borschberg reveals a period widely assumed to be ‘missing’ in Singapore’s history.

In fact, the island was centre stage to numerous battles, alliances and defeats as well as being a part of a busy trade waterways in the region. Dr Borschberg also explores the rise of Aceh and the arrival of the Dutch in the region during the 1590s which changed the flow of trade and balance of power in the Straits.

This lecture took place on Thursday, 11 July 2019, at the Blackbox, Fort Canning Centre.


15th century Singapore: Lecture by Dr Tai Yew Seng
Why is 15th century Singapore often described as ‘Singapore’s missing century’? In this lecture, Dr Tai Yew Seng provides fascinating insights on the lost events of the 1400s.

Piecing together archaeological and historical information, including those from Chinese sources, Dr Tai also explores the then relationship between the Orang Laut, the Melaka Sultanate as well as China’s Ming dynasty.

This lecture took place on Thursday, 4 July 2019, at the Blackbox, Fort Canning Centre.


14th century Singapore: Lecture by Professor John Miksic
What was Singapore like in the 14th century? Watch this lecture by Professor John Miksic, who arouses curiosity about Singapore’s history by providing an overview of the island’s early connections with the region and beyond.

Through archaeological sources and historical texts, Dr Miksic outlines the political, economic and socio-cultural landscape in that period. He also explores climatic episodes such as the medieval climate anomaly and its impacts on 14th century Singapore.

This lecture was held on Friday, 28 June 2019, at the Blackbox, Fort Canning Centre.

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