Find Your Place in History

Be amazed as unique light projections and heritage trails reveal the lesser known stories in the city centre.

Forgotten Port Town

Delve into stories of a bustling port-town at Gelam-Rochor-Kallang in the early 1800s, which housed a royal citadel and palace at its heart. Travel back in time to this lesser-known port which drew traders from Java, Celebes, Palembang, Riau, and the Peninsula. Explore how this entrepot was eventually home to the different communities and craftsmen that settled here.

Beginnings of Modern Day

Revisit Singapore’s original coastline at Telok Ayer Street where many immigrants first landed on our shores. As testament to their diversity, these immigrants went on to build different places of worship in gratitude for their safe voyage here. Discover how these immigrants – many of whom were coolies or Samsui women – lived and worked thereafter.

A Slice of the Other Life

Unearth stories of people who made a difference to Singapore’s communities. Witness how two doctors, Lim Boon Keng and Chen Su Lan, were determined to stamp out opium addiction for the welfare of the people. In another story, see how convict labourers brought into Singapore helped to build notable landmarks that still stand today.
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