Crab Roll with Chicken Liver & Salted Egg

By Chef Sin Leong and Chef Hooi Kok Wai

This traditional Cantonese dish of crab meat, chicken liver and salted egg yolk symbolises completeness, happiness and conjugal bliss. Today, however, it is not commonly found in restaurants, because of the time and effort taken to prepare the dish.

Gulai Kambing Nanas

By Chef Haikal Johari

Gulai Kambing Nanas is a hearty dish of lamb and pineapple spiced with turmeric and lemongrass.It is a traditional dish popular amongst the Minangkabau, who hail from Padang in West Sumatra, Indonesia, and was brought to Singapore by those who settled here.

Itek Sio

By Chef Violet Oon

Tender braised duck simmered in a gravy of tamarind, dark soya sauce and coriander, Itek Sio is a Peranakan dish that marries Chinese and Malay cuisine. Itek Sio is usually enjoyed by Singapore Peranakans at big feasts, or tok panjang, with friends and family.

Konkani Prawn Masala

By Chef Milind Sovani

From the Maharashtra state of Western India, Konkani Prawn Masala is a savoury dish of prawns in masala paste that has a characteristic tanginess from kokum, a sour fruit. The flavours of the dish are similar to Pork Cafreal, a Konkani dish that reflects Portuguese influence when Goa (part of the Konkan region at that time) was occupied by the Portuguese.

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