Over the last 700 years, Singapore has evolved from a place with a strategic location, to a people with a unique Singaporean DNA.

From April to August, the Singapore Bicentennial Office will be organising a series of five roadshows in different districts in Singapore, in conjunction with the various Community Development Councils (CDCs).

Explore this journey of history through the various events and programmes in 2019, as well as delve into a series of featured ground-up projects by the different districts, as supported by the People’s Association.

These roadshows will feature a historical showcase of Singapore’s journey in the last 700 years, with the key moments and people who have changed Singapore forever.

Visitors will be able to delve deep into the history of various towns and places in Singapore. Some of the neighbourhoods we know of today have a history that spans 200 years, or even further back.

And finally, the CDCs will have special programmes for the roadshows in their districts, which will explore different aspects of history, through the eyes of the communities and people.

Be sure to reserve your tickets early for this immersive experience that showcases key moments in Singapore's 700-year history.


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