This spirited Singapore Bicentennial song is a heartfelt expression of what we went through during those turbulent years to get to where we are today. We would do well to appreciate the blessings and remember the sacrifices. Let us take the baton and run forward to make our future one that is worthwhile for us and our children. Spanning 3 countries, the audio recording includes instrumentation by the 66-piece Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra and mastered at Sydney’s famed Studio 301. The final lineup of vocalists comprised Rahimah Rahim, Tay Kewei and Nick Zavior. Recorded at Yellow Box studios in Singapore, this song is an audible delight and is presented as a gift to commemorate Singapore’s 200 years.

The music video for “None of This Came Easy” tells the story of Zaihar as he faces his own hardships head on, and begins to learn about how we overcame obstacles in Singapore’s history, which made us who we are today. In a musical and visual story melding together traditional dances with contemporary street and hip-hop dance, the video imagines Singapore’s journey in a cultural exchange of dance, and finishes in a reflective commemoration in the last standing kampong with food and friendship.

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