Other Events

City Hall: If Walls Could Talk

1 Sep 2019 to 29 Aug 2021 (Open from Saturdays to Thursdays, 10am to 7pm and on Fridays from 10am to 9pm)
Embark on an immersive multimedia journey at City Hall: If Walls Could Talk, and watch the history of City Hall come to life.

Eurasian Heritage Gallery

Tuesdays to Sundays (10.00am to 5.00pm)
Find out more about Eurasian culture & heritage like never before with over 13 interactive multimedia exhibits and more than 130 artefacts sourced across generations of Eurasian families.

From Brush to Lens: Early Chinese Photography Studios in Singapore

2 Nov 2019 to 3 May 2020 (10am to 5pm)
With the establishment of Singapore as an entrepôt 200 years ago, many migrants from China and around the region ventured to Singapore to seek business opportunities and better lives. While the majority of early Chinese migrants in Singapore were manual labourers, they were later followed by a group of skilled artisans and professionals, such as painters and photographers. By the 1910s, the studios operated by the Chinese photographers offered good quality services at relatively cheaper prices. As people from all walks of life chose to have their photographs taken at these Chinese photography studios, these studios inadvertently serve as repositories for a nation’s history. Come and see this exciting and yet lesser known facet of vibrant Singapore.
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