Rising above hardships

Fortunately, Armenians have always found a way to rise above adversity and break new ground. The developer of the solar radio, Sarkis Acopian, was Armenian. Hovannes Adamian, who pioneered colour television, and Luther George Simjian, who invented the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), were also Armenians.

Our past has made us very resilient. The Armenians are able to endure much hardship, and see opportunities, wherever they settle.”

Sandra Basmadjian
Supervisory Board Member of the Armenian Apostolic Church Of St Gregory The Illuminator Singapore

Finding not just a home, but also a place in Singapore history

Armenians have made a significant impact on the Singapore journey as well. Martin and Tigran Sarkies opened Raffles Hotel in 1887. The Grand Dame has borne witness to many Singapore’s milestones through the years and remains a national landmark. In 1845, Catchick Moses started The Straits Times, and Agnes Joaquim produced a hybrid orchid, which eventually became Singapore’s national flower. While numbering a mere 40 today, the Armenian community remains confident about their future in Singapore, the home they have come to call their own.

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